«Inspiring customers worldwide»

Philosophy and vision of the CDP SWISS AG

CDP Swiss inspired and enthusiastic customers worldwide, that is a clear goal and vision, by which we strive daily in our work. This inspiration and enthusiasm succeed through international expertise, passion, excellent quality, innovative, quality products and services. We carry Switzerland’s the largest and most innovative range of products in the medical and esthetics.

We distinguish unique concepts and offers, innovation, reliability and professionalism. Our close customer care and qualified, trained employees in office and field sales are properties that are essential to our company.

We orient ourselves unconditionally to the needs of our customers and make them the focus of our corporate strategy. we satisfy your concerns with courage, reliability, responsibility and not least with the focus on your success.

In this way we meet highly motivated business owners and entrepreneurs, which we help to optimize their individual business models. Because we have guaranteed any medical or cosmetic request the most ideal and cost effective solution. Furthermore allows us our wealth of expertise and experience to promote new entrants and to provide the most excellent for them concept solution and to support them in building.

We set clear boundaries in Beauty and Medical segment where we strictly so that this line is not blurred and we can clearly separate one area from another. In both areas we have craftsmanship and trained staff, which can help you with any request or inquiry. It offered solutions that are tailored to your needs.

With our knowledgeable approach we were able to establish ourselves in an extensive, located ends constantly changing industry and consolidate, which can be seen also on the basis of our wide-ranging references.

Our goal is a sustainable and steadily increase your success. See for yourself and let yourself be inspired.


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Integrity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, innovation, quality, sustainability: We live these values since of 2006.

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